GO4 Gold Partners with Beamable to Power Up Revolutionary Gamification Platform


ORLANDO, FL – October 10, 2023 – GO4 Gold™ is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Beamable, a live game operations company from Boston, to power the first performance-based gamification platform. Beamable’s technology will enable GO4 to host millions of consumers to play hundreds of popular games in sponsored prize tournaments. 

“With 3 billion hours of gameplay on a weekly basis, advertisers and brands have desired to reach gamers in a meaningful and efficient way,” said Milind Bharvirkar, CEO of GO4 Gold. “Conventional tools have not worked. Our partnership with Beamable has created a revolutionary new marketing platform that gamifies brand promotions, engages qualified consumers, and delivers measurable results without breaking the bank for any size business.”

“GO4 is going to shake up the gamification landscape and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” adds Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “Our team resonates with GO4’s passion for connecting players and brands in a really cool way, and appreciates the trust in our services to make this happen.”

Gamification, using game mechanics and rewards in marketing, is estimated to grow to a $95 billion industry by 2030. However, current gamification solutions are expensive and low quality to deploy for brands. The GO4 platform will enable any brand to effortlessly create game tournaments and prize promotions using high quality, well-known games. Ultimately, this allows small and large businesses to design their promotions in as little as 25 minutes and only pay based on consumer engagement.

In addition to creating remarkable consumer experiences, the collaboration will equip brands with invaluable insights and data on customer behavior, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their future marketing and engagement strategies.

About GO4 Gold: GO4 Gold designs and manages custom prize promotions for local and national advertisers. The GO4 platform provides advertisers with the ability to engage with qualified consumers through a network of touchscreen kiosks and mobile game apps. Consumers select prize promotions and always win offers and rewards. Consumers are then provided an opportunity to purchase their favorite products in the app. Advertisers receive comprehensive data analytics that reveal key insights about the success of their promotion. GO4 can re-engage consumers with new promotions that match their preferences. GO4 Gold is revolutionizing the way brands attract, engage, and sell products to consumers.

About Beamable: Beamable fights for the game makers of the world by enabling them to build faster and operate worry-free. The company’s full-stack LiveOps platform for live games is tightly integrated with the Unity 3D engine, enabling game developers to focus on the creativity and differentiation of their products. Beamable is based in the Boston area and led by a team of game-industry and software-as-a-service veterans and backed by investors including Companyon Ventures and GrandBanks Capital.

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