How to Create Audience Engagement Beyond the Likes, Comments, and Shares

In the age of social media, many marketing executives rate their consumer engagement based on the number of likes, comments, and shares they acquire. But, this is a short-sighted goal and strategy. 

We aren’t living in just the age of social media. 

We are living in a multifaceted age of digital media that has unique branded platforms and touchpoints around every corner. 

There are many ways to create consumer engagement outside of the social sphere. And, there are many reasons why marketing executives need to explore these options and branch out from the restrictions of sticking strictly to social media.

But consumer engagement is so much more than that. 

Merriam-Webster defines engagement as “emotional involvement or commitment.” So it could be said that when you combine “consumer” to this phrase, you create the following definition. 

Consumer engagement is a connection between a brand and consumer wherein the consumer is emotionally involved or committed. 

When you look at consumer engagement in this way, it supersedes the connection of a basic click of a “like” button. 

You can see the full scale of possibilities that lie in creating meaningful consumer engagements. 

Exploring Other Types of Consumer Engagement 

Marketing executives need to start thinking about every aspect of their business as an opportunity to create consumer engagement. 

There is potential to turn every branded touch point into a meaningful moment that builds a lasting connection with a customer.

Instead of focusing solely on gaining likes, comments, and shares on social media, marketing executives should consider how they can create consumer engagement in other places, such as: 

  • In your store 
  • In the areas around your store 
  • On your website 
  • On other websites 
  • During your sales or checkout process 
  • After the sales or checkout process 
  • During interactions with staff or employees 
  • On signage and billboards 
  • Stop thinking about social media as the only opportunity to attract and increase consumer engagement. 

Start thinking outside of the social media box. 

Our Powerful Approach to Consumer Engagement 

At GO4 Gold, we believe consumer engagement is at the core of creating meaningful and lasting relationships between brands and consumers. 

So, we created a system that exceeds the level of consumer engagement made possible through social media. Our system uses life-size, touch-screen kiosks to engage consumers in a brand new way. 

Our prize kiosks combine exciting experiences, gamification, and rewards to give consumers what they love. 

  • Fun moments​. Our system offers exciting experiences where consumers can play fun games. 
  • Prizes​. After every exciting experience, players win a prize or offer. They are guaranteed to win every time they play. 
  • Control​. Players get to choose what brand or promotion they want to play for. They are in control of their experience. 

By offering fun, prizes, and control, our Go4 Gold platforms develop “voluntary” consumer engagement that is enjoyable, rewarding, and authentic.

Consumers don’t walk away after clicking a “like” button they will soon forget. They walk away with a memorable moment that is fun and rewarding. 

This experience is true consumer engagement as it leads the user to be “emotionally involved or committed.” 

They won. They had fun, experienced a dopamine effect, and were given a reward and reason to play again. They formed a genuine bond with a brand that delivered fun, prizes, and control. 

This is the type of consumer engagement brands should be focused on developing — not just likes, shares, and comments. 

Want to Grow Your Consumer Engagement Outside of Social Media? 

Gamification is a powerful tool for creating meaningful engagement in marketing. Learn more about how you can utilize prizes, games, and great experiences to build deeper connections with your consumers, by contacting us today.

Go4 Gold is a pioneer in using omnichannel gamification and compelling experiences to engage consumers, and we’d love to see how we can help your brand expand into this exciting new marketing arena.

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